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goJobnet offers five flexible plans developed to meet the needs and budget of any size of organization.

Our Professional plans are designed to cover the needs of small and medium sized agencies and businesses. We have three plans that offer great functionality and are aimed at meeting the financial requirements of companies from different sizes. Thus, the amount you pay corresponds directly to your usage.

For large agencies and businesses, posting up to 500 jobs each month, we offer our Enterprise plan. It is the perfect solution for mid-sized to large corporations.

Our Dedicated Server option is strictly aimed at large businesses that experience the need to advertise more than 500 jobs monthly on their own server. To these clients Swiftpro will gladly present a dedicated server that is customized by their demands. This means that you can specify the memory, processor, storage capabilities and bandwidth of your goJobnet server, so it perfectly meets your requirements.
Do you need such an infrastructure? If yes, please contact us and we will be glad to discuss your requirements.

Plan name Jobs
Basic price
Custom design* Custom web
Pro, Low Volume 1 - 10 GBP 9.95/mth +GBP 4.95/mth +GBP 4.95/mth
Pro, Mid Volume 11 - 50 GBP 29.95/mth +GBP 14.95/mth +GBP 14.95/mth
Pro, High Volume 51 - 200 GBP 59.95/mth +GBP 29.95/mth +GBP 29.95/mth
Enterprise Plan 201 - 500 GBP 99.95/mth +GBP 49.95/mth +GBP 49.95/mth
Dedicated Server Unlimited POA POA POA

Because we would like you to feel confident in your goJobnet investment, we give you the opportunity to test each one of our plans FREE for 1 month before you buy it!

You don't need to pay a single penny, before you make sure that goJobnet is the right solution for your business!

* Custom design gives you the chance to customize goJobnet, so it looks 100% like the rest of your web site. Having this feature allows you to make sure that the visitors of your website career section will have great customer experience and will move smoothly between the different sections of your site. More...

** Custom web address will add the necessary individuality to your goJobnet web address. You may have your address displayed as (or any other address you decide). More...