Attract the best candidates

How It Works
What is goJobnet?

goJobnet is an integrated product that will complement your website with a searchable online database of advertised job positions. Applicants will be able to search and apply for jobs without registering while your consultants will be able to screen and recruit the best of these applicants. Once landed at your site, applicants will be able to explore the job list via the following methods:

General search - allows applicants to perform a broad search
Advanced search - allows applicants to search via additional search forms and thus find their most desired job position easier
Browse job lists - allows applicants to browse jobs in consequence

Once chosen a suitable category, applicants can apply for multiple jobs via their Job Cart at once. It saves time compared to applying for one job at a time and assures great user experience with your company.

Your consultants will be automatically sent an email by the system with details of all applicants who have applied for jobs that belong to them. Further, the consultants can login and view an online list of all applicants who have applied for any jobs that belong to them.

What makes goJobnet so flexible?

goJobnet philosophy is all about ensuring easy and pleasant interaction between applicants and HR staff. goJobnet has powerful management capabilities allowing your recruiters to easily edit and update almost anything - from layout and fields structure to search options and jobs' description. Edit and update:

  • Job Categories
  • Visual layout
  • Job Positions
  • Locations
  • Currencies
  • Staff members

Depending on the industry you operate in, you can modify goJobnet yourself to best match the preferences of your recruiters and applicants.

How to setup goJobnet?

Swiftpro goJobnet is an easy-to-use solution that can be setup and used without any technical knowledge. goJobnet becomes fully-operational career section on your current website within minutes. Check for yourself!

1. Registration - fast and easy
Just enter some information, so the software creates your personal jobs section. Follow our four-step process and it will take you only 10 minutes.

2. Job entry - get your recruiters to add all available vacancies by logging in and using their own accounts. This depends on the amount of vacancies you have, but should not take more than 30min-1hr.

3. Customize the functionality of goJobnet: Select and modify locations, currencies, appearance, job categories etc. that will be used by your staff.

4. Get applicants - once entered, your current vacancies already appear on your corporate website. Potential applicants can now look at job positions and apply.