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About Us
Swiftpro stands apart as a recruitment software provider in our commitment to customers' satisfaction and success. Developing products that bring unrivalled expertise throughout your company and increase profitability, Swiftpro's solutions have become an integrated part of many successful strategy in the recruitment industry.

We are not hesitant to reveal our secret of success. It consists of the continual efforts and investments in further development of our products and services according to our customers' needs. The biggest return we get on these investments is the hundreds of satisfied companies that we have around the world.

Since 1991, Swiftpro has provided solutions that completely streamline the recruitment process, eliminate the administrative burden and reduce operating costs.

Our latest product goJobnet presents recruitment agencies and HR departments with a comprehensive database, where agents can register and enter job openings.

Other products of the company are:

CVPlus Visual, Swiftpro's flagship product, considered as the most effective investment in recruitment software by more than 1000 companies across the globe.

Data Entry, a cost effective solution for coping with the large number of CVs that need to be processed by every recruitment agency or HR department. This service often reaches savings of approximately 50%, compared to using in-house data entry staff.